Monthly Archives: October 2012

Windows 8 – Microsoft’s Latest Flop

There’s no more succinct way to communicate how I feel about Windows 8. I h8 it 🙂  (get it?)

I hated it when I loaded the Developer’s Preview version last Sept. Hated it when I loaded the Consumer Preview version earlier in February. Hated it when loaded the Release Preview in June. But when I loaded a 30 day trial of the final version of Windows 8 Enterprise edition… you guessed it. I still hated it. Perhaps this operating system is geared towards Generation Z? If so, being as it is that I’m not from that generation, it doesn’t appeal to me.

It sort of seems there is a pattern with Microsoft operating systems. Every other operating system they get it right. Going backwards, Windows 8, hate it, Windows 7, love it, Windows Vista, hate it, Windows XP, love it, Windows  ME, hate it, Windows 98, love it, and so forth.

Windows 8’s final version is about to be released in a few days. My advice: If you’re still operating on XP, migrate to Windows 7, but don’t bother with Windows 8, especially for traditional computers (Windows 8 stresses touch screen features such as what can be found in tablets etc.).

Windows 8 will flop.

October Windows Updates

Today, as it’s usual in the second Tuesday of every month, Microsoft is releasing the monthly updates for Windows. This month 7 updates are being published, 6 rated important and 1 rated critical. Microsoft Office and the Windows operating system are the main components affected by these updates.

As always, it is recommended you download and install these updates. If you have Windows Update configured to download and install automatically, no user intervention is required, except perhaps a computer restart at the end of the installations.

An up-to-date computer can be the difference between a clean one and an infected one.