Monthly Archives: February 2013

Big Number of Windows Updates for February

As per Microsoft’s established schedule, this coming Tuesday, the second of the month, will see the monthly Windows updates being released. This month the amount of updates is nearly a record with 12 total, 5 of which are labeled “critical”, and the rest as “important” – the two highest ranks in relevance. 

Worth mentioning is the fact that 2 of the updates address Microsoft’s internet browser – Internet Explorer. Why the people at Microsoft  weren’t able to consolidate all patches for Internet Explorer into one update is beyond me, but the fact remains, two different updates for Internet Explorer, patching 57 different vulnerabilities in ALL versions of it (6 to 10), are the highlight of this month’s Windows updates.

 No action is required on your Windows based computer(s) if you have automatic updates enabled. Otherwise, it is suggested that you download and install the updates through the Windows Update website (for Windows XP users) or check for updates manually from the control panel (for Windows Vista/7/8).