Monthly Archives: June 2014

Game of Thrones Cancelled

Or so a story circulating on Facebook states. You might wonder how is that related to the usual subjects covered in my articles. It turns out it’s a social engineering effort.

If you click on the link in the news item, it will take you to a page where you will be told there is  a Java update to be installed since your current one is out of date. Although the number of suspicious-raising elements in such statement are numerous, many people will go ahead and “update”. Needless to say the request is not legit and you should, of course, not do it. If you must update Java at all, go to the source ( and update from there. Or ask me if you need help.

Oh, and for the Game of Thrones fans, it has not been cancelled. 🙂

The Wolverine of Operating Systems

I read somewhere Windows XP was being called the “Wolverine” of operating systems. It just won’t die. 🙂

Be that as it may, if you’re one of the owners of a Windows XP based computer, and want to be able to migrate to Windows 7 (In my opinion the best operating system Microsoft has ever released), you only have until the end of October, per Microsoft. That’s currently the deadline for end of sales of computer with Windows 7 Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate pre-installed.

So that means between now and October is just about the right time to put that old computer to rest and get a new one.

Contrary to what the sales might be pushing right now, Windows 7, not Windows 8, is the most used operating system right now, and with good reason.