Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Next Microsoft Operating System

It is no secret that Windows 8 and 8.1 have been less than a rave success in the computer world. Predicted here and confirmed here a couple of years ago, it was no surprise to me.

Now the newest operating system looms in the horizon, to be released at some point next year, apparently, and hoping that Microsoft’s so far predictable pattern of getting it right every other version, will make this next one a good one.

Some of my readers have already started to ask me my viewpoint on it. So far the data available on what this newest operating system is or isn’t is mostly rumors, so don’t want to get into specifics at this time. Even its name, Windows 9, is not confirmed, although a recent slip of the tongue courtesy of the president of Microsoft France seems to make it likely to be the actual name.

In any case, what Microsoft has confirmed is an event on September 30 where most likely the next operating system will be announced.  “On September 30, we will be providing an update on what’s next for Windows and the enterprise.” was the exact event announcement.

Stay tuned for more once the event is held. And of course I plan to test the beta (early) versions of the new operating system as soon as it becomes available and provide my feedback on it.

For those who are at the verge of getting a new computer, my advice has not changed. Try to go with Windows 7 and avoid Windows 8/8.1. Once Windows 9 is released next year, IF worth upgrading to, it will most likely be able to be upgraded from Windows 7, thus avoiding the Windows 8 flop experience.