Monthly Archives: July 2015

Recent Software Security Updates

1. Adobe Flash Player has recently been updated several times, following the uncovering of vulnerabilities exploited involving a security firm. Most computers have Flash installed. To ensure you have the latest version, visit:
It should tell you what version you have installed and what version is the latest available. As of this writing, both should be 18,0,0,209. If you need to update it, visit:
There is even a growing trend of handling the frequent uncovered vulnerabilities found in Flash by advocating its removal altogether. A middle-ground solution, since some websites still use and require Flash, would be to disable it by default in your browser so you can enable it in the websites you trust only.

2. In an unusual move for Microsoft, an update to patch a critical vulnerability was released today. It is unusual because it is not following the usual schedule for updates, which are normally released on the second Tuesday of every month. This is called an out-of-band update, and it usually signifies a very critical security update that requires special attention. if your Windows based computer has automatic updates enabled, no action is needed on your part. But if you don’t, it’s suggested you install it manually. The update identifier is KB3079904. Contact me if you have any questions as to how to install it manually.