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Windows 10, What You Need to Know After its Release

Avid readers of my articles are aware I’ve written a couple of times about Windows 10, all before the official July 29 release of the latest Microsoft Operating System. This is my post-official-release article on Windows 10.

So, Windows 10. Upgrade to it? My advice is, if your computer is Windows 7 based, don’t do it. And if you do do it, at least don’t do it for now. It is always prudent to wait at least a few months while the initial kinks are being worked out, which as far as I can see, do exist in Windows 10.¬†Ironically, Windows 7 was one of the few operating system that was very stable even from its beta testing stages.

Microsoft has been trying to gently or not so gently coax users to upgrade to Windows 10. The update I talked about in my last article, has been busy downloading Windows 10 in the background and swinging a dangling carrot at users so they will go through with the upgrade.

This additional activity, by the way, might account for some of the slowness your computer might have experienced recently. A hidden folder in your hard drive called “$Windows.~BT” contains the downloaded files that will be used for the upgrade, and by the way they are relatively big, and your Internet connection is what was used to download them.

If you’re not planning to upgrade to Windows 10 any time soon, contact me if you need help making sure the upgrade process is not using resources that slow your computer down. Or if you have any questions on the subject.